Sunday, August 28, 2005

Afternoon of Water Biking

Water Biking at Shawnee Mission Park
Its the weekend before labor day, which traditionally means that outdoor stuff (like pools, lakes) w
ill be closing in a week. So its our last chance to do something outdoorsy before they shut down for winter. Here's a shot of the lake, taken from our phone. Not much to look at, but it looks better in real life.

So we rented a paddle boat, one that looks like a boat, but with bicycle pedals for both people, and set off.

Its not a small lake, and it was pretty warm (high 80's), so it was about 15 minutes before we starting looking for a shady area to hide. So its in the shade that we decided to go geese hunting, using our camera. Here's a shot of that bird... We spent a good 15 minutes slowly sneaking up on with our paddle boat. Obviously we didn't do a good job doing that, cos this is the closest we ever got to it. That was the adventure of the day.

Here's a picture of us in the boat. 1 hr of boating and buckets of sweats later, we decided that it was enough of a workout for that day, and finally left that poor bird alone!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Chiefs vs Cardinals Game

Preseason Football!!
Slightly less exciting than regular season football, but we got free tickets, so who cares! So we went to the Chiefs vs Cardinals game on Saturday Night, Aug 20th.

As you can see from the shot on your left, Yeesin is really enthusiastic about being at her first live football game ever!! Dave (in blue) on the other hand, in general is trying to sneak away, hoping people don't notice that he is associated with us...

The night started off pretty good, some dude gave us on of his free parking passes, so we got to park with all the regular season gold pass holders! Still had to spend some money though, as beer was $8 a glass (must be gold they put in there), and snacks were at least $2.

Here's a shot of our seats up in section 343. Kinda in the nose bleed area, but near enough to pick out the numbers on the back of the player's jerseys.

The game was ok. It’s pre-season, so both teams were trying out their potential candidates for the full squad. The Chiefs lost, but in truth the guys in the row behind us were more entertaining that the game itself. Everyone's a backseat quarterback, running back, and kicker in the stands. Our favorite ones were "my dog can kick better than you!". or "he is OPEENNN, over there, over there!!!!" Oh well, such is life, if you can't play, as least you can be a critic.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Duck Derby on the Plaza

Couldn't have been better day to have yellow rubber duckies dumped into Brush Creek (aka BIG Longkang) on the Plaza last Sunday! For the uninitiated, the Duck Derby is a charity event for Synergy Services, which offers counseling and shelter services. Top prize was a trip for 2 to KA-LEE-FORnia, which we didn't win. Of course, we didn't play, so not much to complain about!

Here's a picture of Elaine and YeeSin in front of DuckZilla. The only one not really happy is Benji. Knowing him he probably just say someone walked by with food in their hands.

Speaking about FOOD, we didn't get really far into the event before we were pulled in by the food. As you can see in this picture both of them are in food heaven!! To keep with the theme of the derby, we graciously ordered duck wraps too.

Benji had a good time too, unfortunately much to our embarrasment!! The moment we got to the first sidewalk on the plaza, he decided to go to the BATHROOM.. ON the sidewalk. Needless to say 5 humungus poopies in the middle of the walkway doesn't rack up lots of classy points!! A few blocks later he meets up with a mini version of himself. Everyone walking by still thinks he a cute puppy tho... "He's the perfect little puppy", someone says... IF only they knew....

At about 3pm, in went the ducks into Brush Creek. Looked like 50+ huge cases of Ducks went into the creek. 2 guys on jet skis helped push the little guys along, spraying water over the people lined up by the side. I think the kids were having the most fun playing in the wonderfully green storm drain water!!!

Here's a couple of shots of the all of us watching the duckies swim blissfully by...

Not wanting to be outdone from the event, this is what we harvested from our vegetable garden in our backyard. Here is a picture of our UBER-Ducky, he is lean, mean, and can kick any regular old yellow ducks tail any day!!!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Elaine's Surprise


ur first blog involves one of our favourite guests of the B&B, auntie Elaine! (A.k.a TKP). Our A Huay (Maria) even drove down from her educational prison in Columbia to help us celebrate. Unfortunately, our other resident uncle of Columbia had some "important" business to handle, so he can read here to find out what happened.....

The surprise

YS managed to con Elaine into coming over to the B&B, making her think that we were going to play tennis, and even bribed her with prospects of making chocolate fondue afterwards!.

Here's a picture of her a little confused after letting herself into the house. She's little dissapointed that we didn't tell her to dress up for her own "surprise". We'll try to remember to send her a memo next time.

The Main Event

How can we have a birthday party for the TKP and not involve her 2 most cherished things? Food & Achohol ( in no particular order). That bubbling volcano in the middle of the picture is our "Michael Graves" Fondue set courtesy of the sale department of Target. Yes, we may be thrifty, but at least we try to be CHIC.

Presents & More Food (Cake)

She got a chocolate black forest cake with (what else) brandy... And a Swarovski Crystal Necklace and also a gift cert to her fav massage and spa place! Here's a shot of the cake and our volunteer clean up crew waiting patiently to her right. ;)


This picture speaks for itself. If there's nothing worse than your friends making fun of your terrible dancing, its the DARN machine telling you that you suck too! There goes our aspirations to be professional dance pad champions of the world. Wait. ... maybe that's only mine.

A Very Special Picture for Mom

What night of reckless eating, dancing, and just a little drinking would be complete unless we show a shot of the birthday girl's special picture... In this one, we attempt to show the after effects of the events of the night.

Apparently, chocolate has a slimming effect.....

Dispute Resolution

If there's any dispute to the statement above, please bring it up with our rep....

Rest of the pictures if the night are here