Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our first giggle!

so this weekend Jaz decides to surprise up a little giggling session
. enjoy!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Dumping Rocks & Haulin' Dirt

Yep, yours truly was dumping concrete blocks off a truck, and shoveling dirt over 4th of July weekend. No, i didn't lose my marbles and decide to join a fitness program ala Rocky or the Karate Kid... Though, "Concrete on... Concrete off" would have made an interesting line in a movie.. :)

Actually, spent 4th of July helping Steve and Clarice do some landscaping at their place. Nothing like some hard labor to appreciate the hard hard work the men and women of the landscaping business go through daily. Gotta tell everyone, hauling concrete and dirt is a lot harder and generates more sweat than i thought! Definitely have more respect for grave-diggers now, as I barely dug 2 feet into the ground to harvest dirt before my back was protesting... Cannot imagine 3 times more work.

On the flip side, learnt that we can get tons of stuff FREE on Our Dirt was gratis from a kind soul that just finished his own landscaping project. So was a truckfull of dirt right outside Carrabras Italian Grill on I-35 and 124th St in Olathe. Just need to drive a truck in, find a friend, and shovel away!!!

Kudos to Steve for the rest of the weekend. This ironman soldiered on after I ran out of juice.. All the way into the night!!! For me... i think i'll stick to my WAAAY easy desk-job!