Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ahh. so happy to be locked up

Here's a video of our favorite pack-n-play captive. Nuff' said. :)

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Raya + Rennaisance Festival Weekend

Brought Jaz to her very first Hari Raya celebration organized by some Malaysians in town. Weather was great out on that Saturday afternoon, the organizers booked a lodge (hall) in a nearby park, and the event had meticulous organization (As opposed to something yours truly would be able to pull together!). Picture on the left has the kids in the background playing tug-of-war.

Nice to be out and about, especially when the weather is getting cooler these days. Jaz had a good time being a social butterfly saying hi to all the aunties, in her "teaparty" outfit. Picture on the right had baby Mika in the background in his baby seat, our newest brand-new out-of-the-wrapper Malaysian with proud mama Zurin looking on. Next to Yeesin is auntie Pat with her little on on the way (can't tell from the picture) and auntie Angela which we just keep asking her "when"...

Spend the next day Sunday over at the local Rennaisance Festival, which is like a outdoor event with a Midieval theme. All the performers and storekeepers basically dress up and speak like they are back in Midieval times, and they STAY in character -> For better or for worse... We would have missed it this year if not for the free tickets a co-worker of mine gave out, and for the fact that it would be a fun first activity for Jaz.

Didn't really purchase anything of importance over there, just strolled around, people watching, looking at the sword fighting, minstrel-ling, jousting events.. and eating our favorite food - Turkey Leg! Here's a shot of Jaz enjoying HER favorite food while at the Joust. You can almost see her peeking at the event while eating.. :)