Monday, November 17, 2008

Hung out for about 3+1/2 quarters at the Chiefs vs Saints Football game yesterday. We managed to be able to let-go a little and let our babysitter watch Jaz for about 4 hours while we enjoyed the outdoor game a little. Heck with the local Chiefs having only 1 measly win this season, we couldn't pass up on $30 tickets that were 30 rows from the endzone! Still, we forgot that parking was $22 bucks and food was at least $5 each, so... maybe it wasn't as cheap as we thought. Still! had a great time while we were were there with a couple of our football friends as well! Chiefs still lost 20 to 30, but at least my Fantasy Football League QB Brees didn't do shabby!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It's not a stuffed animal on my desk, its Jaz in her Peapod outfit! We brought her all dressed up to a Halloween work event on Thursday evening. Everyone had their kids in tow all custu'med out as well. In my building, there was tons of kids games, with haunted cubes, ghost bowling, etc. Well, basically activities for toddlers and above.

For our little Jaz, not so much stuff for her to do, except be carried around and get her parents to say "trick or treat" for her. She did participate somewhat though... She can grab for candy if its placed near her, just can't eat it yet! Rest of the evening was taken up by strolling the aisles, looking for candy that Mommy and Daddy likes, and chatting with people about how nice Jaz looked in her costume.

Our little peapod didn't really make it past an hour of trick or treating... Ah.. Its real hard work being a baby. :) HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL!