Monday, October 24, 2005

Preparing for our EuroTrip!

Nothing evokes more nerdiness than the following 2 things : (1) A guidebook & (2) A money belt.

I don't think we will be mistaken as locals over in Italy on Friday... So, might as well embrace the experience, and be labeled as tourists!

Its 3 days away now, and we spent a few hours this weekend packing!

We've already memorized some really really important phrases already that we think we might need in Italy. Yeesin's favourite one is "Idiota!" ; which I think we'll try not say so much... Not sure if we'll need to be annoying and try to speak really really LOUD and SLLOOOW for those non-english speakers... But I'm sure that we will be able to get by.

On second thought, maybe she can reserve that Idiota phrase if we meet the "Mi-Scuci" guy on our train from Rome to Florence to Venice! That one is for the people who watched "Eurotrip" with us... Hopefully I won't have to fight a mime outside of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence as well...

Still, a vacation is A VACATION!....
I will be nice to get away from everything and have a nice time...
Oh well... Back to packing and double checking stuff...

Monday, October 10, 2005

Nick's Birthday

Yes, Mr Nick gets his own personal post for his birthday! He is that special!
So the TV-MA crowd invade Cheesecake factory in Leawood yet again, reminiscent of a similar one we threw for him at the same restaurant 3 years ago... This time round, we came with our patented gangsta yellow-mafia livestrong armbands... I think they knew we were kinda loud too, cos they put us in the back, where hopefully we didn't make too much noise. ;)

What birthday would be complete without a cake?! Here's a shot of his delicious cheesecake, with a Really NICE "Happy Birthday" done by our server Destiny... I had a great "Your destiny, my destiny" joke earlier, but apparently no one got it... Oh well, I guess I'll just stick to my day job... ;)

Birthday Present? Of course lah... Mr Handsome here got a very nice COACH gift card, and a very nice birthday card (see the picture of a dog named benji on the ourside of the card?). Hopefully he gets that nice wallet he was looking for. Then he can fill it up with cash and belanja us!!!

Popiah Lamentations

Saturday was our very own personal popiah fiesta day! It all started with someone mentioning that they haven't had some good popiah in a while. Mun Sum, then casually mentioned that she could make it over the weekend. That was all we needed to hear!!

As you can see from this very well staged picture, things began very orderly and gracefully, with all the popiah "liao" laid out so that we could build them in an orderly fashion.

I guess our dreams of symetrically arranged popiah's presented in a neatly stacked pile went out the door when mun sum decided that she was going to attempt to build the largest popiah ever built by an engineer! The picture here doesn't really do it justice. It was so huge, she hardly could chew on it... After that, the conversation degenerated into discussions of whose skin on the popiah is thicker, which somehow transitioned into a debate about 4-skin, then to... err you guys get the idea lah.

Not wanting to be outdone, Stephen decided to construct himself a perfectly shaped popiah as well. To his credit, it was very well shaped, just the right length, and girth... Heck, it even gets a Nick thumbs up of approval!

As for the rest of us, present company included, it is not lost on us to remember an important rule in life. Sometimes, it doesn't matter how big your popiah is, as long as it satisfies your hunger, its a good popiah... ;)