Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hey... whatever happened to these guys...

I was just listening to some retro songs to my nano this morning, and it got me wondering.... Yep, I guess I'm old now, whatever was "hip" is now considered "retro". I'll dread the day when I have to listen to "oldies" and grumble at " the trash kids these days are listening to".

Whatever happened to the classic love bands, people like Michael Learns to Rock, with their nuggets of wisdom on love... I admit I used to listen to them when I was in high school. I mean, it can't get any better cheesier than "I'm not an actor I'm not a star... and I don't even have my own car...that you will love me anyway". I doubt advice like that will get ANYONE very far (either in the 90's or today).

So... anyway. Whatever happened to MLTR anyways? For one thing, I think they lost a dude somewhere along the way. If my memory serves me right, I thought they were 4 guys. Must be the usual creative differences. BUT they are still alive and SINGING.. Maybe its me, bit strangely , after listening thru 2 of their old CD's I think their songs sound awfully similar....

Hmm.. how about this fella? Gasp?!! Tommy Page? Yep, the guy that broke many an Ah-lian's hearts back in Klang... Actually Yeesin still has a cassettee tape of "Paintings in My Mind" in her Beetle, so I'll include Penang in my previous statement as well. I gotta tell you tho, that "I'll be your everything" song was pretty touching back in the day!!! And if you go to his website, you see that he cleans up pretty good these days. BTW, his songs are so popular that you can stream it from his site as well!!

Last one that comes to mind. The guy with the BIG voice. Come on DOWN mr Rick Astley! With golden hits like "It would take a strong strong man" & "Together Forever" , how can he disappear into eternal obscurity? I always wondered how a big voice like his can come out from that small of a frame... Gotta tell you tho, he sure is resilient. I think he had an album out last year!!

One things for sure, old retro bands/singers don't really disappear, they just fade into the background until you google them one day to see what happened to them... ;)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

We only drink on days that end with a "ay"

I'm thinking back when we were kids a long long time ago. Back then it didn't take a lot for to entertain us, you know bak-ku-li, dirty ice-cream sticks, and empty badminton courts for galah-panjang... As we enter our 30's, I'm starting to wonder what it takes these days to keep us entertained... Besides my favourite NFL team winning more games, and my lawn growing greener this year, i find this weird recurring theme....I think pictures beat any words here...

Experts already say that drinking 1 glass of wine a day is good for the heart. So i guess in our upcoming middle age, maybe we need to start listening to those doctor people. I mean, they sure read a lot of books and stuff. We have in the last 2 weeks we have been doing our part, first at Chiew Ping's birthday party, then at St Paddy's day on the 17th. Come to think of it, we don't even have a single drop of Irish blood in us... Oh well, everyone's "i-lish" on that day anyway!
So, in retrospect, maybe its easier to entertain us now that we are older. Just have a couple of drinks, and we'll be happy. Not only does it do wonders for stress relief, but its good for the body too... and NO, we don't really drink of days that end with an "ay". It'll be too expensive and we'd gain to much weight anyways!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Eyes Wide Open for some Good weather

This week is definitely better for YS, eyesight is pretty close to being perfect now I think. She doesn't need to wear the shades in the indoors any longer!!! Don't have a very scientific way of telling this, but if she appears to see as far as I can now. :) The next time we go to the eye doctor, i'll ask her to memorize the eye chart down to the copyright notice at the bottom! See if that freaks them out!
The weather was SO good last Saturday (low 70's) that it would be a crime not to get some sun!!! After coming back from Malaysia, our systems were still in shock when we felt KC weather in the 40-50s!!

So we decided to bring Benj out to the doggy park for a bit... He're a shot of him in a every important butt-smelling meet and greet! Later that day we even broke out the tennis rackets from their winter slumber and played for a while. Its good to know that our strokes aren't totally out of whack after 4 months of non-play! Spent the evening at Chiew Ping's place for her 30th birthday... Pretty soon it'll be mine too... SIGH... I guess I'm not 18-22 anymore....

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"Minor to Excessive Discomfort"

That was the description of the next few days of post-PRK recovery. Unfortunately for Yeesin, the "discomfort" ranged from "Super Excessive" to "OH MY GOD!!". Yes, it was that bad. We should have known that when they prescribed her Tylenol #3, which incidentally is the same stuff they gave me for my wisdom teeth removal! Sunday was totally an opposite of Saturday's experience for her... She woke up at 2am, almost screaming in pain, with her eyes swollen up, and tearing all over the place. It was so bad, she couldn't even go to sleep until we had some numbing eye drops and Ibuprofen 800 into her system... For the rest of Sunday, she was drugged up with Tylenol #3 which not only numbs the pain, but it also puts you to sleep....
Its Tuesday now, Thankfully! She's recovered enough to go to work today. Doctor's took off the bandage contact lens in her eyes yesterday. Turns out that the pain over the weekend was the eye cells healing. I still think they understated the "discomfort" part. She's really sensitive to light, but her eyesight is still improving. She'll stick to wearing sunglasses everywhere until the light doesn't hurt. At least she'll look cool in wearing her shades indoors!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

We're back! & Bring out the LAZER!

We're back stateside & jet lagged! Landed @ 10 am CT in Kansas City on Weds, and discovered how 70 degree weather can feel cold after 3 weeks of the 90's... It's good to see family and friends in Malaysia, but MAN... its great to not sweat ALL the time! Decided to gut out the remainder of the week and go to work @ 6am until we get over jet lag...That's what caffeine is for.
2 days later...BRING OUT THE LAZER!!!!! What's the first thing that people should do once they get back from a long overseas vacation? Go get laser eye surgery of course!!! Elaine and Yeesin decided to go get LASIK surgery together for mutual support on Friday... They tried to get a group discount too, but the doctor's office staff weren't too impressed with that suggestion!!!
All in all, the preparations for sugery alone was a lot longer than the actual surgery itself. Both of them needed to be prepped via cleaning the area around the eyes prior to surgery. Elaine got regular LASIK, while Yeesin got the PRK kind... PRK's a little cheaper than LASIK but the recovery time is a little longer too (more TLC for Yeesin is due then). Here's a couple of shots of them in the prep room. Check out their matching hairnets... I can almost hear "do you want fries with that" coming out! less than 5 minutes after surgery, they were ready for recovery...

1 day later... both of them are doing fine, reminding each other to administer their eye drops once each hour and 4 times a day... Here's a shot of them putting in the eye sync !!!