Monday, August 11, 2008

Foozball Season is back!

Actually, its FANTASY football season. Mainly for the people that cannot exert enough control on their local teams to make their local boys win, a more palatable alternative is to engage in Fantasy Football! Cherry picking players from the entire NFL universe and putting them on your Virtual team is a wonderful way of winning every week!

I'm the commisioner of our league (which really means that I have enough time to waste to play stuff like this) so we organized a Draft session this past weekend. Most of us are Malaysian, so we are a pretty kiasu bunch. Some of us came prepared with analysis and spreadsheets on who the best players to pick are, and some even with a draft strategy. As kiasu as we were, 2+ hours of gut-wrenching, sweat inducing drafting later we were actually done! Surprising that I actually budgeted 4+ hours for something like this. Yeesin? she had better things to do, spent most of the time shopping @ Target with Jaz. :)

P.S - If you didn't understand what all this business is about, here's a good primer on Fantasy Football.