Sunday, March 23, 2008

We're home!

Finally, after being in the hospital since Monday night, we finally made it home yesterday afternoon! Here's a shot of us coming back home in the MDX!

We dropped by the hospital again this morning for another Jaudice level check, and we were crossing our fingers that we won't have to have that bulky Photo-Treatment vest on her any more. Doc called 2 hours later, and said that her Billirubin levels have since stabilize out at 10 or so, so the Doc has told us to stop using the Photo-treatment on her. YA!!!

Here are some more pics from her birth!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Parenthood thoughts...

Still in the hospital today. Jaz has a gotten a case of Jaundice, so we've got her on some light therapy for the day. The set up looks like a tanning bed that she's lying on, and also a light-generating vest over her chest... She's sleeping peacefully now that she finish up on her last feeding. Hopefully we get to go home tonight...

Here's some thoughts on Parenthood:

Sleep - Didn't realize how much we missed sleep until now, especially me, the early riser. Getting up every 3 hours or less, is a lot MORE tiring that it sounds. I see BIG mugs of coffee in my future when i go back to work next week! Its amazing that newborns can function on this 2-3 hour wake-eat-sleep cycle, mixed in with some poopies... but of course, right now her life isn't too complicated... ;)

Garbage generation- Surprising how a lttle person that small can generate that much poopies in so little time. Almost averaging a diaper change every 2 hours, we're proud that Jaz has outperformed the average diaper changes for her age.

Mute Button - We found the mute-button on Jaz today. If its not a full tummy of milk, its the second best thing... a pacifier. Trying to limit the use of the pacifier tho, don't want her to forget to nurse the natural way. But good to know that there's a alternative instant fix if we ever need it... Especially, when we need more of thought no.1 :)

Speaking of that, Jaz is finally out now. Better go catch more Zzzzs.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Live from St Luke South: Hello World!

Ok, we've been here since 8pm last night 3/17. Definitely missed the window for a St Paddy's day baby girl. Yeesin got a pictosin (sp?) drip this morning at 8am, got her water broken at about 10am. Here's the latest status: (Hit refresh for the latest)

10.30am - I discover a FULLY stocked kitchen in the maternity ward. Sneaking in a sandwich and a quick glass of milk. Poor Yeesin gets to snack on ice chips.

10.45am - Yeesin gets her first Epidural shot, process to put it in appears painfully...err painful, but 30+ minnutes later... Smile on her face...

11am - Dialated from 1+cm to 2cm. We improved 100% ;)

11.30-2.30pm - Somewhere along the way, she moved from 2cm to 5.5cm to 6cm... crawling along.

3.30pm - Yeesin's at 6cm, ya... we are still moving forward. Terri offered to help and she's gonna to to our place to feed Benji & let him out (Thanks Terri!)

4.00pm- Epidural booster... ahhh Yeesin looks much better now.

4.30pm - She's at 7cm now. looks like we are moving at a faster pace. Epi is working really great, she's taking a quick nap now!

5.40pm - Nurse Kathy just came in. Stalled out at 7cm now, she just dialed up the pictosin to speed things up a little more.

6.40pm - Still stalled out at 7cm. cranking up the pictosin another notch. Kathy's saying adios and getting ready to handoff to the 7pm nurse. They are showing the Scrubs episode where Carla and Turk are having their baby... How appropriate! :)

7.40pm- Night nurse Jessica came by, and we improved to an 8! Dialed up the pitosin another notch, looks like we're getting some more traction now! Yeesin's pain level got dialed up at the same time, so Nurse Lisa came in with some Epi-Candy, and 10+ minutes again, Yeesin is in Epi-Heaven...

8.40pm - Frustrated. We are stalled again, with barely a movement to 8.5cm. They shut of the Pitosin temporarily to see if they can jump start the contractions and give baby a rest. C-Section is being talked as an option.

9.45pm - Elaine and Kyle came by and tau-pau'ed some food to us earlier. Yeesin's parents must be starved by now, and the timing was perfect for the food. Elaine and Kyle are going to stop by the house and let Benj out again as well... (Thanks!). Its taking longer to have this baby than most TV episodes.

10pm - Restarted pictosin, adjusted yeesin to another position to see if she'll dilate some more. Doctor wants to give us the best opportunity for a vaginal birth...

10.45pm - Nurses come in, and adjust Yeesin to yet another position. We're hearing whispering that we might need to do C-Section...

11:30pm - All that repositioning finally worked! Baby's moved into a great position, and Yeesin's dilated to 10cm... All a go for Natural Birth!

12:26am - March 19th 2008 - Annoucing Jazlyn Jiawen Yeoh, 6 lbs 5oz, 19 inches! Mom and baby are doing great! Hear from the nurses that most of them at the nurses station were betting that we would be C-section, Yeesin proved them wrong, GREAT JOB MOM! 28 hours after showing up to be induced, we have a new addition to the family!

N.B - For those of you that scrolled all the way down here, you're rewarded with a quick pick of Jazlyn!

Latest Update: The St Luke photographer came by earlier this morning and here are some of the shots that she took!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Are we there yet?

Seriously?! Are we there yet? Our OB says its any time now, for our little one to show up. So, its there's nothing else to do but to wait it out. We're not getting much sleep these nights, Yeesin's can't exactly do wind-sprints either, so basically we're tired during most hours of the days too.
Well, actually, Yeesin's getting the short end of this deal at this point in time, as she's doing the heavy lifting. I hope i can help out with a little back massaging here and there, and when the time comes, go to the kitchen and boil some hot water and get some towels! So, here's to hanging in there baby, you're almost there!!

P.S- The boiling water and towels in the movies are really to keep the husbands busy so that they don't get in the way of delivering the babies!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We're almost there!

From the baby ticker on the left, everyone can see that we are merely days away from the BIG day! We're going for baby birthing classes at night, and we've got almost all things checked off!!!

Wanted to share before and after pictures of our nursery with everyone.