Thursday, March 08, 2007

I don't dare to sit??!!

After about 2 whole weeks of sitting our butts on the living room floor, our new Sofa has finally been delivered this morning! Sitting down on the floor college-style on blankets and pillows was fun, only for the first few nights. After a while, we started yearning for the nice feeling of more filling material between our glutes maximuses than just mere blankets!

We originally bought this in mid-January in JCPenney's home store, off all places! It was the perfect fit and type, but apparently we had to buy one that is custom made. So then started the 6-8 week lead time between the order and delivery.

At 6 weeks, we sold the old blue couch that we've had for like 5+ years... The posting on was fairly easy, and we had mutiple responses within days! So after the new owners of the sofa swung buy, we were sans a place to sit for the next 2 weeks!
Fast forward to this morning. I had to work from home for the morning cos the delivery company has a 4 hr window for delivery! Gosh! is it really that hard to estimate how long delivery, assembly and clean up of furniture will take?
Anyway, the sofa is set up now and its in pristine condition... I don't even dare to sit too long on it for fear of staining it with my dirty butt.. Benji's been eyeing it all morning though. I'm convinced that he'll jump on it as soon as I'm not paying attention..... I'm watching him like a hawk!