Saturday, January 10, 2009

Refi'ing with the crowd...

Taking a little detour into mortgage refinancing this post. Looks like if things work out, our existing lender Capital Federal will let us re-lock into a 30 year, 5% mortgage. End result? About $500 less in mortgage due every month. Still we'll not want to pay any more mortgage interest (as tempting as a tax break it is), so will continuing making our existing payment-> Result? More flexibility, less interest win-win! Will update when we close!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year 09'

HAPPY NEW YEAR 09!!!! Yes, we have been a little lazy in updating our blog, especially so after we got our facebook accounts... Truly, its a lot easier to post bite-sized info of our day, instead of typing up paragraph summaries of our weeks! However, I do remember that this blog is probably our only live online journal of our lives, so I guess I'll continue to post stuff here too!

Anyways, 2009 is probably the only year in a long time that we didn't get out and about to party the night away and ring in the new year. Boy! What parenthood will do to screw up our night-owl activities. This year, with Jaz around the household, the additional logistical problem of getting a babysitter came into play. No-joy from our next door neighbor, so we stayed in-instead. The Kinsella's joined us for our in-house party too, starting the night at our local Mexican resturant (pictured here)
We later adjourned at the Yeoh's B&B with an Special New-Year showing of "The Mummy 3", which incidentally I'll give a 2 thumbs down for driving the series to its death.

Still, all of us managed to be entertained, albeit at the expense of some critical thoughts on how the movie can be improved. Plus, as the night grew later, the kids naturally got more on-board with going to bed, so that helped a little too! Midnight came really quick, though its interesting that most of us lost practice in staying up late ever since our kids entered our lives... :)

Jaz woke up the next morning and found evidence of our fun. She didn't mind missing our NYE celebratation, as long as she could chew on some of the props! HAppy New Year 09;!