Tuesday, August 21, 2007

You gotta be kidding me ??!!

So, its been a while since I last posted. Today's short piece is about Credit Card Fraud. Unfortunately, someone decided to use my AMEX to make a few small purchases on the internet in the last week! I'm not sure how they got a hold of my credit card number but they apparently had a method to their madness!

Beginning on 8/12, looks like they charged small $1-$5 charges on internet sites, mainly membership fees to see if anyone would notice. Then came a few an order of Stamps.com software, probably so they can print stamps from the comfort of their own home... So, at least I know this thief is internet and semi-technology savvy.

Probably the one that puzzled me the most was an order on Columbiahouse DVD for like 6 DVD's. The puzzling part is they shipped the order to my place! Certainly not very savvy in that department! I do know that this person has varied interests in his/her movie watching though - Among the DVDs were Pursuit of Happyness, Freedom Writers, Happy Feet, Bobby, Norbit and Good Shepard. So, if I were to venture a guess, like dramas & has a family. Definitely NOT the movies that I would buy. I probably would fall asleep like 5 minutes into Freedom Writers...

So anyways, 1 week and multiple calls to AMEX and these online places later, i think I'm finally done with cleaning up the credit card mess that this person made! I'm still mad a this fella for making go through all this hassle of disputing his/her charges!!!