Monday, May 19, 2008

Jaz is 10 weeks now!

Little Jaz is 10 weeks old this week! Definitely more curious about her surroundings, she discovered her hands this past week, for the last couple of days, she's been trying to cram her entire fist into her mouth....
Even better, she also discovered smiling... Couple of pics to illustrate what we did with her to get smiling away! :)

As a bonus, also will share the aftermath of all this smiling and playing activity.... ;)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jaz is 8 weeks now!

Its 8pm on a Thursday night, trying to juggle getting Jaz ready for a shower, and winding down for the evening, catching an episode of "Lost". We can't imagine now how much spare time we had before even having a baby! Honestly tho, Jaz is more entertaining now that the television, so life is actually better! ;) Sharing a few of her cute pics. (at least cute in our minds.... )

Grandma is sound asleep in the guest bedroom... hope that our little one didn't wear her out after a full day of activities. Its wonderful still having help around the house, having family watch her while we are out working. BIG thank you to Mom and Yeesin's parents for helping out in the house while these 2 newbies figure out how to bathe,feed,clothe, and clean our new addition.... If only they come with owner manuals!!!
WAIT, apparently they do! Check it out here

Saturday, May 10, 2008

First Farmer's Market

Today was our First Farmer's Market of the season. Weather @ the local Overland Park Farmer's Market was a little nippy with light fog and 50 degree temps this morning, but a great opportunity to bring all the Grandparents out to the local "pasar pagi". Plus we got to show Jaz her first outdoor market! [She probably couldn't tell the difference anyways...] BTW, her daddy side grandma (far left) fought off jet lag this morning to join us strolling as well.
She just turned 7 weeks a couple days ago, and she's still growing well, and getting cuter by the day! Of course our viewpoint it slightly skewed due to our parentage. However, people still walk up to us when we're out to reaffirm that fact, so who am I to disagree !!?? ;)
The activity this morning was a little taxing on her little mind, so she's spending the rest of the afternoon taking a relaxing nap. Oh, what a wonderful life to be a baby.................