Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Postcards from our M'sia Vacation (Klang Valley)

Yes, its been a while since we last posted anything of import. Mainly be prepping for our first trip back to Malaysia with Jaz, and after the trip trying to get everyone back on their original schedules, and obviously to unpack!

Spent a short overnight with Yeesin's uncle and aunt in San Francisco enroute from Kansas City back to Malaysia. San Fran seemed like a good resting point between the long flights. Jaz was sleeping already before we even got on the plane!
Jaz's first AngPow ever! She wasn't sure what to do with it for a while, mainly just chewing on the packet. We don't think she'll understand the concept maybe for a few years!
Mommy bought her a really cool CNY outfit! Its a little big for her now, but the best thing is she can wear it for a few more years!
Had to do Bak-Kut-Teh in Klang. Rite of passage for all the Yeoh clan. Grandpa brought us to this really cool "Yeoh" branded Bak-Kut-teh (See sign in the background). Too bad no discounts for same last name! Jaz got her first ever swim! Mommy bought her a swimsuit and swim diapers, so she was good to go. Her favorite things was to let us dunk her in and out of the pool! Whats CNY without a reunion dinner! Here's the shot before we "Lo-Sang"ed. All the Yeoh's in the picture with yours truly behind the camera.