Sunday, August 27, 2006

Possibly the Greatest Movie This Year??!!

At least that what Sam Jackson says on his website. Elaine and us decided that on a lazy Saturday afternoon, watching this movie wouldn't be such a bad idea.... I mean, everyone knows that it won't win next years Academy Awards, so expectations weren't very high!
The title pretty much sums up the movie's plot.. There are Snakes on the F****kin' Plane. I think Sam puts it best himself here. From the multi-colored snakes jumping out of air vents into people faces, arms
One thing I gotta give it to them too, is the soundtrack is awfully catchy...Check it out here: BTW, while I checked out that video... I FOUND THIS ONE!!! HAHA!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

I can get used to this...

Just came back from a business trip to Washington DC to meet one of our customers at work! Been so bz bz lately that didn't have time to update our blog. So, other than having to do expense reports ( yuck! ) today, I get to reminisce on my wonderful plane ride over there! The ride back is another story, which I'll go into later.
So on Tuesday morning, I drove up to the airport to catch a plane to DC. However, it was a day unlike any other day... No long lines in the airport, no hairy old dude trying to grope me "looking for stuff", no waiting at the boarding lounge waiting to be herded into the plane like cattle... ALL because... Drumroll...

I got to ride the corporate jet!!! WOOHOO!!!
I certainly can get used to this. I made the mistake of showing up too early at the private hanger *gasp* 1/2 hr early. No metal detectors, no pat-downs, and *gulp* no ID checks?!! Yep. The co-pilot just asked for my name, checked it off the list, and off we went!

We even had a nice flight attendent for all 8 of us. Didn't get much of the safety briefing either, basically something like "you know where everything is in case of emergencies right?" No annoucements for seat belts either! 1 continental breakfast later we were there. Felt like a kid on a merry go round = I wanted another ride!

Now on the way back yesterday... Something that I can never get used to! 2 hrs wait at Dulles, followed by non-functional air conditioning on 1 of my flights (yes, I had to transit in Atlanta). And of course, lets not forget my wonderful seat next to the engine (see left) that provided the most wonderful background whitenoise that I kept hearing even after I got back home! Ahh... I wish I could fly corporate ALL the time...