Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year All! This time of year always evokes bittersweet feelings for both of us... The bad memories from my original diagnosis on 23rd of December a few years back always kinda sneaks up on us. The barrage of Christmas music we've been hearing on the radio always reminds me of a dark time on our life where our sadness just seemed so out of snyc with the world's happiness.... Here is a touching song, pulled from Lance Armstrong's Livestrong foundation, if anyone wants to download. Ok!! Enough dark thoughts.

Its a draggy Tuesday morning after a long 3 day Christmas weekend! Didn't do much but catch up on our TV shows - all our Law and Orders, The Closer, Justice and All the CSI's!! Nothing more relaxing than curling up on our ratty blue couch, underneath a warm blanket, sipping hot chocalate while watching killers get caught on TV. ;) By the way, we even managed to squeeze in a movie at the theathers on Friday evening, where we saw singing and tap-dancing penguins (Happy Feet). Gotta tell you all, I was sceptical at first on how much fun a movie about penguins can be... Luckily, the movie proved me wrong!!! So, for the rest of the day, I'll try to get some work done... we'll see what happens! Hope everyone had a great Christmas!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Happy Birthday, YeeSin

The news of the impending weather apocalypse (aka the first snow storm of the year), has come and gone already, to the tune of only a measly 8-12 inches of snow. Coincidentally, this momentus event happened in conjuction with Yeesin's Birthday! To celebrate, we plowed our way to the Country Club Plaza with reservations at The Melting Pot at 8pm. With 2 hours to burn before then we grabbed a cup of java at the local Starbucks and strolled to the Apple store were we took this cool picture! Its surprising what some caffeine will do to you!

Here's another shot of us with a "comic book" special effect. I'm pretty sure that she liked her birthday present a very cool Altec Lansing IM7 In-room Ipod player, so that we can listen to our tunes in the Living Room...So, I'm not sure why I'm getting choked in this picture??!!. :P

The guys over at The Melting Pot were nice enough to sign a birthday card, leaving it on our table before we even showed up! How cool is that! After a really filling round of entree Fondue, a complimentary candle was lit on our dessert Fondue... Just don't ask us how sweet that stuff was!

Part 2 of the Birthday was celebrated with Elaine, Munsum, and Steve at JP Wine Bar downtown. We really love that place with its cozy atmosphere, and its wine-flights! (thats where u can order "a set" of a couple of smaller poured wines). Check out the pictures below to see how many of those glasses we managed to squeeze into our tiny bar table! Next, the dessert of the night was from the newly opened Artisan Bakery in OP with a really tasty Almond/Pear Tart to complement the wine flights! After a couple of hours of chatting, the night ended pretty late for us by our standards! Finally got our healthy serving of grease at the local IHOP at 2am, and got home by about 3! Staggered out of bed this morning at 11am... What a night!