Monday, September 25, 2006

CLEAN PET & Vacation !!!

Well, its been a really hectic last 2 weeks!!! BIGGEST announcement is that my latest PET Scan came back clear! My onc was joking about us wasting time with us at the clinic with my "boring" results!! Well... we'll take a Boring result anyday!!! WOOHOO!!! Yep, its the necessary evil of being a survivor family.. The constant monitoring, and that lingering fear of having to go through it again... But PHEW!!! , this clear scan means that we'll be close to 3 years remission! The anxiety that comes with waiting and wondering this time of year is now replaced by relief and joy!

What are we doing to celebrate!!! Go on yet another vacation! The drama of waiting for test results have now been replaced by the drama of getting our holiday attire/shoes in time for our trip! We don't want to look like sloppy tourists wearing sweatpants and running shoes on the streets of europe!!!??? Seriously, its really FUN to be on vacation, the pre-vacation planning, and the post-vacation unpacking is the really UNFUN part...In about 6 more days we will be off to London for 3 nights, and Paris for 3 more!!!
Will probably hit the big sights like avoiding pigeon droppings at Trafalgar Square, and try to solve the Da Vinci Code while kung-fu fighting the mimes at the Louvre... Should be a fun time !! Will update everyone when we get back!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The most fun you can have @ CVS ??!!

Friday night... Nothing much to do, so we decide to stroll down to nearest CVS/Osco drug on the Missouri side of the state line for some Wine Tasting. Yes. Wine tasting in a Pharmacy!!! Here's the link for all you people in KC if you are interested.
I was kind of skeptical when Yeesin mentioned that there was Wine-Tasting in a Pharmacy, but we went in the store anyways. Tucked away in a corner of Osco sat 4 tables worth of wines, with about 4-5 bottles per table, ranging from the regular Cabs, Merlots, Chards, to the more obscure Greek Whites (Yucks, BTW not so good). Bought 2 bottles of Raspberry Sparkeletini which tasted really refreshing!! After about 5-10 glasses of tasting (defensive drinking included : pouring away the ones that you don't like so much), we went on to our next destination of the night...
Westport had an art fair going on that Friday night... Lots of art on display that night for sure, but we were more drawn to the pasar-malam type of cuisine that the local restaurants had by the side of the street! A nice cold ice-cream cone, and starbucks frap later, off we went for some more walking. Stumbled on a free rock concert with the "Zero's" doing covers of 80's music tool! They didn't sound too bad, the crowd digged their music for sure! But maybe its the alchohol they had in their hands had something to do with it ??!!