Saturday, May 19, 2007

Greenthumb Weekend

Yes, after multiple complaints from our frequent readers (wow, is there such a thing? people actually read this stuff), I've decided to get off my glutus Maximus and start posting again!

Well, Spring is here again, and after the torrents of rain coming down in our "hood" in the last couple of weeks, its been relatively dry but cool lately... Perfect time to dust off the garden tools, and pull out greenthumbs to do a little gardening work!
Before that, a little flashback!..............................

A couple of weeks ago, while sitting out in the yard, Yeesin commented that our tree back there seemed a little overgrown. Well, we had a little itchy fingers syndrome going, so, the best way to scratch it was to do a little tree climbing! Strangely therapeutic to climb up on trees and cut the limbs off. Probably getting kudos from my neighbor husbands too, wondering how i got my wife to do yardwork!

Tomatoes were the primary item for planting today, along with some miscellaneous annuals and prerennials. Yeesin later mentioned that we are so friggin midwest already, waking up early to go to Walmart to buy flowers!!! Anyway, 2 hours and 10 pounds of topsoil later, our tomatoes were in! Here's a shot of our anti-bunny protection device, not very sexy at all, but its been working for the last couple of years! We'll just need to cross our fingers, hoping that they bloom really good this year!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

High School / College Redux

"Friday night, what to do?" "Hmmm, how about a romantic meal at McDonalds?!!!?" Yep, as cheesy as they come. Yours truly brought his lovely wife to Mickey D's for dinner last Friday! We had a sudden urge to go eat some greasy food, so rather spend on expensive greasy food at some restaurant, we went for the thrifty greasiness at the local Olathe McD's. Probably not as nice swanky at the one we went to at Champs-Élysées on Paris, but servicable! We relived our High-School / College days snacking on junk food that night. For sure ... KFC, McDonalds, etc. Pizza Hut was defintely more "high class" in Malaysia...