Friday, April 28, 2006


So its close to midnight on Friday.. Its been raining for the entire day, and still raining... Really good for my grass, but really puts a damper on weekend activities. We just emerged bleary eyed from a 4 hour session of a Sodoku! Yep, its Geeks gone Wild at the B&B tonight! For the uninitiated, this Sodoku game is this EVIL 9X9 matrix of numbers that lulls you into solving the easier lower levels to get you hooked. Then it taunts and torments you into spending countless hours to solve the impossible ones... Kinda like Crack without the crack part!

Yeesin got hooked to that a few days ago, and she's been printing out worksheets from the web to play with when we get home. I was curious to try it out, so I joined her for some major brain work tonight! Yes, it requires SOME level of its not for everyone, especially the ones with "photogenic memory". You know who you are... And NO, you can't buy a vowel in this game, or put in random numbers to fill in the blanks either! All in all, an interesting experience for me. I haven't worked this hard on numbers since college calculus! And I'm not even getting Credit for this!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Benji & the Bandana

Some people like to post pictures of their kids on their Blog. So lacking an actual human kid, we decided to dress Benji up with a pink Bandana/Scarf over the weekend. I think we should submit this picture to a doggy cute contest or something like that. I'm sure it will win something don't you all think?

On Saturday, we went out to get some sun and have noodles at Noodles & Company nearby. Its stuff is pretty commercial, but their Japanese Pan Noodles are not too bad. Allergies were really bad that day, so decided to watch a movie instead. Watched ICE Age 2. Very entertaining, nice to watch a movie that doesn't require lots of thinking (ie. with person is the killer?), or that has an unhappy ending (ie. Sweet November), just a simple story where a group of friends run away from a huge flood, and everyone survives!!

Tried to bring out the bicyles on Sunday, but AGAIN! Thwarted by the allergies. I did have time to mow symetrical lines over my lawn tho! Come by and check it out! Yeesin managed to brave the weather and spray down our lawn chairs in preparation for Summer. She even made a really nice rainbow with the spray. Now if only we had a pot of gold at the end of it... ..Dreams...
Had some Shiraz to celebrate our hard work later!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Weekend with Kyle & Elaine

Who says you can't have fun when you turn 30! No, it wasn't my birthday yet! It was Kyle's belated birthday. He turned the big 3-0 on Tues of last week. We went to this Mexican place called "Tarahumara" over in Lenexa for his birthday dinner on Saturday. Incidentally, Elaine even got a 50% certificate for this place. However, the place turned out to be so-so only. More like "Tada Murah", however, the company was great, and the alcholol flowing, so we didn't complain too much after that!

You guys gotta see this present we gave Kyle! So what do you give someone who loves to um...drink? An alcholol dispenser- fountain that looks like a Gas Pump! We had more photos of Kyle attempting to use it to fill beer with it, and various other poses that we can't share on the blog! (Ask Elaine for pictures of those)... Anyway, it looked so cool that I wanted to have one of my own too!

The next Sunday morning, all 4 of us went to the Plaza for some Easter brunch at Grand St Cafe, then strolled out to the Plaza for some nice Sunshine! Here's a shot of YS hanging out by the patio at Classic Cup with a very Tasty Mohito!
All in all, a very relaxing weeked for all of us. Now its back to work again... :(

Friday, April 14, 2006

Whatever happened to spring???

Nick just reminded me to update the blog. I guess its been a while since we wrote anything here. Its been crazy warm lately, 80's yesterday, hit 90's in the last week!
Luckily, we didnt need to turn on our Air-conditioning just yet. Due to my good handy-man work on our attic fan last season, we've managed to cool the house down to reasonable temperatures! Don't mind that I nearly electricuted myself the last time, if you need my help to install your fan, I'll send u up there to connect the power wires!

Yeesin that the opportunity to lay out on the yard last week! Even Benji got into the action too! BTW, we shaved him yesterday, but didn't get a new picture yet! Hoping that temps start coming down soon! We are missing Spring entirely. I think the only good thing about high temperatures are that they are slowing down my grass growth!