Thursday, December 29, 2005

Happy New Year 2006!!!

Happy New Year 2006 Everyone!!! Hope that everyone had a fun and safe celebration!!!

This year instead of the 5 ft Elvis impersonator in Westport, we went with Spanish style rapping in Matadors at Midtown...

Liquor apparently makes the music sound better as the night progressed. As you can see, by about mid-night, a red faced Clarice was making Pink Bunny impersonation with Steve watching in horror. Heck, the service wasn't even that good last night, but again, a pitcher of Sangria and later another pitcher of Mojito's were the ultimate Mood Enhancers!

Buried amongst my many resolutions, right beside "Drive more Aggressively", is to "Be less Passive Aggressive", which shall be henceforth refered to as "PA". In the past few days, I have been asked by some of my friends on how PA is defined, so I thought I'd take a few moments to blog:

Excerpt from my Passive Aggressive Guide for Dummies:
PA Phrase: "Hmm...I don't know what's wrong with me tonight, for no reason at all, I suddenly feel very tired...AND it is 11 pm already.... *YAWN*
Real Meaning: "I'm tired, shut up and lets go to sleep!"

PA Phrase: I bet you didn't sleep well last night. Look at the time, I hope you don't have a 8 o'clock meeting, coz traffic is going to be crazy this time of the morning.
Real Meaning:Wife, I'll be late to work, get your ass out of bed now!"

So anyway! Happy New Year! Hope everyone can help their resolutions past the 1st Quarter!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Post - Christmas...

Merry Post-Christmas, after a 5 day weekend we finally go back to work today... Kind of a bittersweet feeling for both of us. Though its nice to have a looong weekend, we can only watch so much TV before we both get bored. By the way, we watched like 12 hours of season 3 of "24" too... :)

So, with "kids" gone to Chicago & Dallas over the weekend we went over to Clarice & Steve's where we got a very informative yet slightly disturbing demonstration of how yoga and alcohol don't go well together...

This year both of us agreed not to give each other presents...Well, that didn't work out too well!
Benji was the first recipient of our indiscretion! Instead of a regular Gingerbread house, he got a "Bone-treat house" instead. The house was made up of rawhide, with doggie treats for the roof and windows and door!! Benji was practically drooling on top of the wrapping paper when he saw it... Binx on the other hand was a tougher customer... Not so impressed with the bones. He got a handful of vegetables instead, which he loved! BTW, he's the only vegetable loving dog that we know!

What about us? Well, I managed to sneak a cool looking "Y" pendant purchase for Yeesin before I broke down and gave it to her a couple of days before Christmas... I don't think she was mad at me for breaking the No-Present Rule... ;)

Finally, what did I get? I get to be part of the iPOD World via my NEW IPOD NANO! I love my NANO... Its like the cooolest thing ever. Kinda a little OCD now, just looking at it and touching it, listening to the sweet "clicking" noise as I brush my fingers over the click wheel... Ahhh.............

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve & Benji's Middle Name

So, its Christmas eve today, and we are trying to avoid the last minute crowds at the malls by staying home and catching up on our recorded shows on Tivo.
Then we came upon Benji's prescription for his skin problem that we blogged about a week ago. I think it doesn't bother us that we got doggy medicine at at human pharmacy. Apparently dogs/cats etc can consume the same drugs that we do. What's really interesting is that Benj was given a new middle name... "dog". So, with that logic, I guess that pharmacists probably has issued drugs to pets with names like "Fluffles Cat Johnson" or "Bob Boa-Constrictor Smith".... :)
Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

We are going to Clarice & Steve's tonight...

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Day 3: Day of mourning for Chiefs fans & Batman

Its an emotional night for everyone in the Yeoh B&B tonight. Our Chiefs team looked like they let an easily winnable game get away from them, losing to the NY Giants 27-17 ... Now, this loss means that the football season is over for the Chiefs. They say that grief has 5 stages, which we went through:
(1) Denial - At first, maybe the Chiefs didn't really lose this one, and we'll wake up tomorrow with a win. BUT the picture of Barber and Diehl's celebrating on the left here, doesn't seem to support that belief. (2) Bargaining - Then, we thought if we did a little more laundry during the games (incidently the Chiefs are still 9-5 when we did laundry), or cleaned the house ( 7-5 on this stat), they'd still be in the playoff race.
(3) Anger - Next, we got really mad at our defense that couldn't even tackle lampost in a cornfield, then switching the blame to ourselves for investing our emotions into a team that brings us up so high, then lets us down.

(4) Despair - Then, we realized that we were so distraught and depressed that dinner was even out of the question. and finally (5) Acceptance - The realization that its only FOOTBALL. We can always root for another team that actually wins all the time, or maybe watch more "Law and Order" where the detectives actually catch the crooks most of the time!

In any case, it looks like we'll be getting our Sunday's back now, with less stress of after-game venting sessions... Ahh... who knows, next season might be a better one than this one...

BTW, Binxy looked comfortable all the way through the game, even he might have silently been screaming together with us. We've taken to calling him Batman, and Benji as his Robin, as Benj's been following him around the house the last couple days, like a little superhero sidekick!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Day 1: Binx comes to visit!

About this time, our friends Egwin and Rachel should be in the air, flying back to Malaysia. So last night, they dropped off their little boy Binx at our place... Now, we already had some drama during the day yesterday, as we had to drop Benji off at the Vet because of a weird Black Spot on his hind leg. Anyway, after much anticipation, the Vet later said that it a skin reaction to the Rabies shot that he was given in Oct, which means its just a cosmetic issue.. Whew, we were so relieved!!
Benj, on the other hand was just relieved to not be in the place where they stick a thermometer up his butt anymore!

It apparently didn't take Binxy too long get comfortable, in this picture, he is happily lined up next to Benji, awaiting for us to drop anything that's edible on the floor.

Day 1: Nothing much to report - Binx wakes Benji up from his Morning Power-Nap. Benj doesn't look too impressed, and kinda shakes himself from head to tail. Grumbling, he circles is seat pillow, and goes back to sleep a couple of frames later, probably dreaming of swimming in a sea of Bones....

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Ian's Birthday Party

Happy Birthday little Ian man! So, this last weekend we went over to Mun Sum and Steve's and helped their little Ian celebrate his very first birthday party. From his slightly confused look in this picture, I bet he won't really remember what happened on that day! As part of any kid birthday party, you'll notice that he is happily eating off the "1" candle instead of a regular fork or spoon!

Ian got lots of toys that involved blinking lights and really cute noises. Thankfully, all the toys had "off" switches to spare his parents the torture... His cousin Ryan actually had more fun that Ian did with the presents, taking them and hiding them from everyone else!

Even Yeesin got into the action, playing his new baseball game!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Snow day!!!

Had the first snow storm of Winter yesterday!! Looking outside this morning, we had at least 10 inches on the ground. Both of us are working from home today, not having to worry about crazy driving in the snow. Spent about 40 minutes over lunch time today shovelling out the snow so that we can back the car out (Too lazy & too cold to do the whole driveway!). Brrr.. still freezing cold in the house, sipping on green tea, chained to our laptops!!! At least we can work in our robes... ;)

Monday, December 05, 2005


Ahh... sometimes its nice to have some monotony again... We can't be Gallivanting on vacation , or do something really really interesting every weekend... Well, i guess we could, but we'll be broke!!

So, just to show that life if still life...This is what we did over the weekend... After all the guilt trips brought on by our thanksgiving fiesta (Benji's incident nonwithstanding), we decided that a workout was needed on Saturday morning. Here's a pic of us walking to the gym at work (We are Working HARD on Saturday).

Eventually, after a refreshing workout, I was thinking of doing some autumn leaf raking. I mean, those darn things always seem like they multiply as soon as I sweep them up!! Yeesin made me see the light tho. The only reason that I wanted to sweep the leaves was cos my neighbor was doing it... So I decided to teach him a lesson by NOT sweeping up my leaves! Show him that I am not KIASU... Hmm.. maybe if I wait long enough, he will get bored and start cleaning my side of the lawn too! hehe...

Finally, Its OFFICIAL. Over the weekend, we transitioned from really-COLD to REALLY really FRICKEN COLD!!! Or as Yeesin puts it, if women had ba**s they would be shrunken. Oh, and if Hell were in KS this weekend, it would be frozen over too. Its was about O deg Farenheit after wind chill this morning! BAH, you people out in California and Dallas, you're just jealous cos you can't enjoy the refreshing KS chill. Besides "It builds character"... :)