Thursday, January 31, 2008

WTF??? We're closet McCain Fans?

Normally, we don't post politics on our blog, but we'll make an exception in this case. Heard about this "Candidate Matchmaker" tool on our Local Fox 4 channel newscast here. After we tried it out, both of us realized we are really CLOSET John McCain fans??!!! Plus, who the heck is Mike Gravel anyways? In our results he even beat Obama! We're still in disbelief this morning, as we ponder how the heck it could happen! Our world is has been turned upside now! ;) Try it out for yourself and see if it shocks u too!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Carpet Angels + Musings from the womb

Yes. It's been 2 weeks since we last posted, but we've still been busy packing up our upstairs floor to prep for the darn carpet. The carpeteers finally showed up this Friday. And 4-5 hours of hammering, tearing, and dumping later... It is DONE. We were upstairs earlier doing Carpet Angels. Kinda like Snow angels, except its done on nice plush and NEW carpeting. Now the only key is not to screw it up by spilling something on it... Kinda wish that it came with a brand new plastic wrapper over it, like new cars in Malaysia, where my uncle wouldn't take off the plastic no matter how hot it stuck to our butts! Next on the agenda, is to lug all the boxes downstairs back up and unpack. Feelings of deja-vu just like we're moving in to the house again!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Freezing Tundra Weekend,

It was -1F outside this morning. Haven't been ever that cold for the entire winter, or for the last 2 years for that matter. I glad we're bundled up at home watching the Australian Open on TV. Finding myself playing shadow tennis ever once in a while, when its time for the ads to run on TV (For those of you playing shadow golf when you watch the Golf Channel, you know what I mean). I guess till its warm enough for the real thing, shadow tennis, and of course Wii Tennis will hold us over for a while!

We're about 9 weeks away from our little turkey popping out of the oven, and we think preparations are right on track. Her nursery is painted, we bought a crib, and we're getting new carpeting put in for the whole upper floor. No pictures to share yet, save for this messy shot of our upstairs loft, with the boxes like we are moving again. Boxing stuff up to prep for the carpet guys, who are delayed until early Feb. Our carpet color was so popular that the factory can't make it fast enough... Or at least that's what our sales guy told us... ;)

Speaking of the pregnancy, we had noodle cravings last night, so we tried out this Pan-Asian place in Lenexa called Samurai Teriyaki. For those of you guys in KC, click on the link to find the location. Straight on the noodle menu were ordered a Pho and a Curry Laksa noodle (Yes, I was shocked to see the words "Laksa" on the menu too). We like the Pho, which was a mean spicy one but still had a refreshing taste. I personally, loved the Laksa, the only thing missing was some cockles (see-ham) in the laksa, and it would be perfect! Though on second thought, See-Ham in the mid-west can't be very fresh at all! Either way, KC folks, check this place out for yourselves!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Going back to House?

For those of you that watch football, and Fox television... We're home tonight watching the Steelers lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and something just occured to me... Is it just me, or does Mike Tomlin the head coach like a LOT like Omar Epps from House??!! I guess if Omar ever needs a stunt double or needs a vacation from the show, they can always count on Mike?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy (BC) New Year 2008!

"So, this is going to be your BC New Year Celebration huh?", someone asked at work. "BC", for the unfamiliar, is "Before Child", as my co-worker so explained. Well, determined to go out on a last "BC" hurrah, Yeesin and myself rounded up Cla-teve, Ela-yle for a New Year's Eve celebration at JP's Winebar in downtown KC. BTW, the paired name abbreviation probably works better on Bradgelina and Tomkat, not so much on normal people's names! From this picture, Yeesin's lack of alcohol consumption made her the DD ; and allowed her to order her very own smoothie!

Resolutions? I don't think we ever got that far into that conversation! A couple of drinks later, we diverged into a conversation that isn't fit for Internet publication... But safe to say, we our overall rowdiness was still didn't beat some of the other patrons there. Definitely some people with beer (or wine) goggles on though... I overheard some people say that the the lead-singer at the band that night looked like Jennifer Love Hewitt.... Well.. According to the most sober DD person in our team... NO!

Only bummer of the night was that our $10 cover didn't cover the champagne toast. Reading the small print later, we found that the cover charge only included "Champagne specials and party favors", which in my mind means they charge you more for the drink so that they can give you a "special" discount... So, we had to spring for a bottle of their cheapest... Which tasted like it cost! Luckily a kind, friends and obviously inebriated dude came by and poured us some of his top-shelf champagne.... Our feelings is probably summarized best from Steve's facial expression!