Sunday, November 26, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Breaking away slightly from our yearly tradition, we've decided to mix it up this Thanksgiving! Instead of having us (Well, mainly Yeesin) slaving over the stove for the better part of Thanksgiving, we decided to let the hardworking people over at Figlio's on the Plaza to do it! Plus, Elaine was in Dallas, Nick was in St Louis, and H2 was still stuck in Fedex land... So, not alot of people to cook for anyways! Still, the luxury of spending a nice Thanksgiving buffet on the Plaza does come with a price! Well, the actual bill wasn't too big, only $18.95. The only thing is that we had to have our Dinner @ 2.45pm in the afternoon, so it was a REALLY early dinner! We had to say, we were impressed with the spread out there, with lots of pasta, turkey, and all kinds of wonderful desserts!
Next, to walk off all that food, we strolled right down 1 block to where the lighting of the Plaza lights was scheduled to happen an hour later... Thing is, everyone else seemed to have the same idea as us! It was more people than we've ever seen at this ceremony.... Maybe it was the fact that we were going to be on the NFL Network later that night as the pre-game show to the Chiefs/Denver Thanksgiving Night Game! So, after about an hour of being jostled around in the crowd and listening to some nice renditions of some famous Christmas classics, we were rewarded with the Lights, and a nice firework show as well...
Finally, for more entertainment, we strolled on over to George Brett's (A local Sport's Bar) to catch the game. So, it was just the 2 of us, and a whole bar full of slightly inebriated Chiefs fans to cheer them on. Elaine and Klye were cheering remotely all the way from Dallas too, via the TV and SMS! A couple of rounds of Beers and Wine later, Chiefs won 19 - 10... All in all, a good night! How was everyone else's Thanksgiving night?

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Like MunSum last saturday, we watched Borat too! I loved it, but for Yeesin... err. not so much! I think the best part I like about that movie was that most people that Borat interacted with didn't know that it was a comedy! Entertaining, but probably should have waited for DVD to come out or wait for it on the pay channels...For those that can't get enough of him, try this website :